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Banana Muffin Recipe

January 11, 2017

For years I thought that overripe, freckled bananas were the ugliest thing on earth. Dramatic, I know, but no one likes eating mushy bananas. But here I am to say those same squishy bananas have  brought so much joy into my life because they have the ability to transform into the most amazing muffins. I'm talking the Beyonce of banana muffins guys (yeah, I went there).

In The Woods - Engagement Photos

November 9, 2016
Fall is probably hands down our favorite season. I love that the weather starts to get cooler, all the wacky pumpkin spice flavored goodies, the sun sets just a little earlier and all the excitement of getting ready for Halloween.

Years before getting engaged I knew I wanted cozy fall engagement photos taken. My fiancĂ© ended up proposing in October, and within a couple weeks I booked our photographer. In theory, taking fall photos in the month of November sounds simple but remember we live in San Diego, where it is basically summer all year long. If you're looking for beachy, barefoot, flow dress kinda photos, easy in San Diego. But woodsy, warm-toned, lush trees, not so much. Luckily our photographer Brit knew the perfect hidden gem for what I was looking for, an eucalyptus grove off the trails on one of the local universities. 

This particular day we scheduled for the shoot happened to be one of the hottest days of the year and GIRL, the humidity was not a joke. We felt a little silly wearing sweaters and boots around but Brit did an amazing job hiding the fact that we were sweaty and being eaten alive by mosquitos! 

Photographer - Brit Jaye Photography
Location -  Ecological Park (UCSD Campus) 

Ice Ice Baby

March 5, 2016

Without much planning and very last minute booking, my family and I took a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland earlier this year. None of us really knew anything about Iceland really, all we knew was that flights were dirt cheap and since we had never been there, it was something to say we've done.