Torrey Pines

March 4, 2015
One thing to know about San Diegans is that they love to hike. There are tons of hiking trails in this city and most of them come with beautiful views if you're willing to make it to the top. 

One of the very first hikes I did after moving to San Diego was Torrey Pines. Compared to the other trails/mountains, it's pretty short so it's perfect for beginners like myself. There are also smaller trails along the way up so you're able to see the views from different points of the mountain. The best part of is that at the end of the hike you will end up at the bottom of the mountain, right onto the beach. I don't care how cold that water is, you gotta soak your feet in! 

My advice is, if you have the morning or afternoon off - put on some sneakers, rub on sunblock on and grab a bottle of water and make the trek up Torrey Pines. Sometimes I forget that I live in one of the most beautiful cities but as soon I take the hike up there I always fall back in love with it. 

4 comments on "Torrey Pines "
  1. I need to visit Southern California. It's so beautiful!

  2. Hey Sam! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, it's so nice to hear from you:) Hope you're doing well.

    Absolutely adore these photos! Such a breathtaking view <3

    Lots of love xx

  3. Gahhhh I still have to do Torrey Pines! I've only been once, and that was when I ran the La Jolla Half Marathon, which takes you through there, so that totally does not count. It looks beautiful!