April 24, 2015

May The Force Be With You

If you know anything about my boyfriend Nic, it is that he is the world's biggest Star Wars fan. Even at his age, he continues to wear the t-shirts, collects all the figurines (they are not dolls, he's told me many times), can name all the characters/planets and he also reads all the books the franchise comes out with. Seriously, what a nerd! (lucky for him I love that about him) 

Every year or two there are Star War conventions in certain cities (most recently Orlando, Anaheim and London) and the whole weekend is spent celebrating all things Star Wars related. They show you snippets of upcoming movies before the rest of the public, there are millions of merchandise for sale, movie props to look at and you can even meet some of the cast members from the films.

I'm not really a big Star Wars fan myself, I've watched the movies but I couldn't tell you most of the characters names or even what they are fighting about. But I still enjoy going to the conventions with Nic because I know how happy it makes him (awwwww) and it's actually become somewhat of a tradition because Nic took me to the convention for our second date way back when we first started dating. I've never been on a date to a convention before so I agreed and now we're regular attendees. 

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