Hi! I'm Sam and I want to welcome you to my blog, Cream 'n Sugar. 

I'm a 20-something coffee shop owner living in beautiful San Diego, California with my husband, 2 pups and hairless cat (we basically have our own mini zoo at home). 

I created this blog because I wanted a creative outlet to document and share my life as a newlywed couple navigating our way into turning our first house into a home, planning a wedding while operating a business during the day and trying to find little adventures along the way. 

Why Cream 'n Sugar? 

To say that I like coffee is an understatement. Not only do I work with it everyday, I can't function without the stuff. 

I like my coffee iced and as you possibly guessed, with a little cream 'n sugar

While this blog won't be dedicated solely to coffee, you'll find all the little things in life I'm passionate about:

 tried and true recipes 
♡ home decor
♡ travel recaps 
♡ obnoxious amount of photos of my dog/cat  

However you found my blog, I hope you leave with a little inspiration. 

3 comments on "About"
  1. Your story is so unique and inspiring! Please keep your readers updated with what happens with your coffee shop and all your other adventures :)

    - Ali

  2. More coffee shop photos please! :)

  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Love how simple your blog is and how cool is it that you're a coffee shop owner?! I'm totally jealous! Welcome to SoCal too, hope you're loving it! xo