Hi There! 

I'm Sam and I want to welcome you to
my blog, Cream 'n Sugar. 

I'm a 20-something cafe owner currently residing in beautiful San Diego, California with my fiancé, 2 pups and hairless cat (we basically have our own mini zoo at home). 

I created this blog as a little place to document and share my life as newly engaged couple navigating our way into turning our first house into a home, planning a wedding while operating a business during the day. 


Why Cream 'n Sugar? 

As a cafe owner I believe that the best and most productive mornings start with a nice cup of coffee - I prefer iced but whatever floats your boat) To that, cream and sugar are always much appreciated. Cream and sugar are also the foundation of baked goods. Baking is one of my favorite hobbies and I love that there is something to make for any occasion and that it brings people together; which shouldn't come as a surprise that I also love hosting get-togethers. 

On this blog you'll find all the things I'm passionate about: tried and true baking and coffee recipes, a cup or two of hosting inspiration, definitely a splash of dog/cat posts, a little pinch of home decor, a sprinkle of wedding planning and maybe even a dash of travel recaps. 

However you found my blog, I hope you leave with a little inspiration. 


  1. Your story is so unique and inspiring! Please keep your readers updated with what happens with your coffee shop and all your other adventures :)

    - Ali

  2. More coffee shop photos please! :)

  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Love how simple your blog is and how cool is it that you're a coffee shop owner?! I'm totally jealous! Welcome to SoCal too, hope you're loving it! xo



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